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Connect people in need with professionals to get things done. Make money from your niche community.
See how buyer – John and seller – Jessica find, connect, and work with each other…


Quickly find a reliable seller to get things done

Seller John
This is John. John wants a logo for his business. With Design WP, you can help John find a lot of people who have good design skills after a single click. John just needs to select the best one.

Simple one-step search Simple one-step search

Search by keyword, filter by categories and tags. With only a single click, buyer can find what he wants.

Effective review & rating system Effective review & rating system

Read other buyers’ feedback, and see the sellers’ portfolio. It’s now easier to choose the most talented and reputable seller.
Micro Job Marketplace WordPress Theme Microjobengine
Micro Job WordPress Theme Microjobengine Marketplace Theme

Sell professional services & earn more

Seller John
This is Jessica. She is a designer, and wants to earn extra money with her design skills in her free time. With Design WP, you can help Jessica build a reputable profile, offer impressive services and reach more customers.

Impressive service detail page Impressive service detail page

Informative service description, intuitive sample pictures. Reliable ratings, buyer reviews, and sales figures.

Beautifully-crafted profile page Beautifully-crafted profile page

Simple and beautiful profile info. Sellers can control all services they provide in their profile page.

Get connected & make order

With Design WP, John and Jessica, each gets what he/she wants and is satisfied with it. John can order extra service, and send instant messages. In return, Jessica will be able to deliver the best design.

Add extra services to order Add extra services to order

John wants more than what Jessica offers? Don’t worry. Buyers can add extra services to get things done effectively. 

Only get the best of it when we communicate Only get the best of it when we communicate

Talking to each other will help sellers fully understand buyers’ requirements.
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Safe payment and easy order tracking

Design WP interactive dashboard allows you to manage all your payments and track your orders. Users can easily check their total revenues or request a withdrawal.

Trustful payment system Trustful payment system

All transactions are conducted on Design WP platform. Whether buyers and sellers use credit, PayPal or other payment methods, you can control everything to ensure the safety and trust for all your users.
Sellers can post their Gigs completely FREE. there is no limit on how many Gigs you can post and we only take a small 10% commission fee on each sale this is less than most provider such as Fiverr who generally take 25%. ( there are no hidden fees) *Intro offer – we will take no commission until 01/01/2017*

Easy order tracking Easy order tracking

With interactive Message Inbox and Dashboard, both buyers and sellers can easily track the status of every order.